Some people come to Vegas for the thrill of winning money–and the risk of losing it all. Others come to see the dazzling stage, music, and performance shows. Even dining in Las Vegas can be a performance, with world-class chefs and unique foods to try. If all these adventures aren’t quite enough to convince you that Vegas is the most heart-pumping city on earth, we’ve gathered our top 10 can’t-miss picks for having the most excitement in the city of lights.

  • Get Up Close with Sea Creatures. Want to really get your pulse racing? Try diving into a tank surrounded by exotic sharks at Mandalay Bay. If you prefer spending time with animals without a taste for human flesh, you can be a Dolphin Trainer for a Day at The Mirage.
  • Coasters, Sky Jumps, and Thrill Rides. From the Big Apple Coaster at New York – New York to the Stratosphere’s plethora of rides, Vegas has a machine to turn you around and leave you unsure which way is up!
  • Skydiving. If coasters aren’t enough to excite you, skydiving carries an actual risk of death. You can start out small with Indoor Skydiving, proceed to Tandem Skydiving, and finally take your life in your own hands, diving alone with Vegas Extreme Skydiving.
  • Racecars and Street Driving. Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers visitors the chance to drive real race cars and experience an authentic track, while Dream Racing allows guests to do drifting ride alongs.
  • Fighter Pilot Experience. Want to go faster than a racecar? How about learning to fly 2.35 times the speed of sound on a combat mission in a fighter pilot with Air Combat USA?
  • Fighting Zombies. If you want to stay on earth, but experience some more combat, you can blaze the trail or lead a team against aggressive zombies, using real AirSoft guns, at Adventure Combat Ops.
  • Off-Road Adventures. Speed not your thing? What about driving a lifted Jeep in the most extreme terrain Nevada has to offer with Las Vegas Rock Crawlers.
  • Land Sailing. Not everyone is familiar with land sailing, but Omega Land Sailing utilizes four-wheel vehicles with sails to harness the powerful winds that sweep through the desert.
  • Fly a Real Jetpack. The water jetpack and flyboard from Flyboard Las Vegas let pilots get airborne in minutes because both are so easy to learn and use. Soar like Superman using the power of water.
  • Brawl it Out. Vegas is also known for the quality and brutality of its boxing circuit, and if you’re a fan, Vegas Fight Tour will take you to the iconic gyms and photo ops throughout the city, including a meet-and-greet with top fighters.

The activities in Las Vegas are world-class, designed to make memories and create unique experiences for every visitor. For more great ideas on making your trip to Las Vegas unforgettable, contact Adventure Combat Ops or call now to book your next thrilling adventure at 844-411-7842.