Corporate Team Building in Las Vegas, NV

Your company and your team deserves, needs, and wants this! Welcome to the greatest opportunity for team building, blowing off steam, unity development, solidarity, all around bonding, and memory creation anywhere! Not only is there nothing else like this in Las Vegas, there is truly nothing like it in the world!

Our special op staff are the leaders that will lead you through your event experience!

Not only will you create some of the greatest memories for your team and win “boss of the year,” but you have the opportunity to custom tailor your organization”s experience to focus on any or all of the following subjects to ensure that your team leaves better than it is than when it arrives:

  • Leadership
  • Stress control
  • Communication efficiency
  • Team building
  • Comradery and “esprit de corps”
  • Self & team confidence improvement

We have a number of opportunities to build the perfect experience and maximum growth potential to take you from where you are at and get you to where you want to be.

Groups of any size are welcome!

You Are In Good Company


We know how to throw a party. Let our team build a custom event unlike any other for your company.

Please enjoy an overview of our Zappos “END OF THE WORLD” party that we had a blast organizing. Contact us for an ACO team member to help plan your next corporate event.



Went to Adventure Combat Ops with my all of my coworkers as a company outing and it was INCREDIBLE! I’m giving this five stars all the way. My coworkers, both guys and gals, had an amazing time! (And we are a very mixed age group too). We chose this because we wanted to find something different to do in Vegas for our company. We wanted to do something that most people have not tried or experienced before and this was DEFINITELY it! I shoot guns so this was right up my alley. I was pretty excited to get suited up in combat gear, and armed with an AR. So were my male coworkers, let me tell you. This is about as realistic a combat scenario as you can get. We were trained on how to maneuver, shoot, breach and clear a room, and kick down doors. The entire staff here is former military. Special Ops, Green Berets, Delta Force, Snipers. You name it. It was pretty insane to hear these guys talk about their deployment and crazy missions overseas in so many countries. I was definitely pumped after hearing these guys and ready for some zombie combat shooting. We were split up with the Special Ops as team leaders and entered in to a massive warehouse in the dark for the next few hours. You basically enter into darkness, loud sounds, and smoke everywhere. I had no idea WHAT to expect. You are literally going in to battle in a neighborhood setting with full size houses, streets, and cars. We had to enter and clear houses and tear apart couches, drawers, mattresses, you name it for mission intel. Zombies were in the houses, outside the houses, coming at us from any angle so you’re firing away like crazy! We truly had to work together as a team the entire time which I thought was really awesome. Everyone loved it and had a total blast! I’m going back here again with my own group of friends. This place kills!!! Literally lol.
Kelly G, Greenspun Media Group
Wow!!!! We always are looking for fun new things to do in Las Vegas and this activity really takes the cake. As someone who has zero experience with guns or video gaming, I didn’t really expect to enjoy this experience and only made the reservation since I thought that it was something that some visiting family members would like doing. To my surprise, I had a fantastic time and already am planning to take another group of friends here on a future visit to Vegas. We all loved how the team leaders, Gator and Wombat, really worked hard to make sure that everyone got involved in the action and had a great experience. In fact, everyone in our group of 5 absolutely loved the experience and thought that it was the highlight of our weekend in Las Vegas.
If you buy the basic package, I would suggest that you upgrade to one of the higher level packages when you arrive so that you can get extra ammo and wear the combat gear. We upgraded one level and it definitely made the experience a lot more fun. We all were out of ammo by the end of the event, so we were happy to have the extra set of rounds. The photos from the experience also were excellent. We bought two sets to take home and have had so much fun going through the pictures.
Gator was our team leader and he was perfect. He made sure that everyone was getting in on the action and kept us all on task. He also has a great sense of humor! The “Zombieland” set up is outstanding as well– lots of little “houses,” an abandoned RV, abandoned cars, smoke machines, awesome music, etc. The zombie actors also were excellent and really kept us on our toes. You never know when and where a zombie is going to appear!
If you find yourself in Las Vegas for any reason, I would highly suggest that you make your way over to Adventure Combat Ops. You won’t regret it!
Deanna B, Aliso Viejo, CA

The ACO team is absolutely fantastic, making me feel comfortable and safe the whole time (I was sure I was going to get bit by a zombie). It’s obvious they put thought into every small detail, from the lounge area, mural of post-apocalyptic Las Vegas, pristine retail space and VIP zombie-killing vehicles for pickups. Once you enter the warehouse/battlefield you are immediately thrown into a vivid training camp full of every detail you need to survive. The staff here are not actors, they have extensive backgrounds as Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Special Ops, Green Beret and Delta Force Ops and tell you about their amazing service. You receive 45 minutes of thorough training prior to entering the battle zone, but even when you step foot onto the arena for your mission, your leader is there at every turn guiding you through every operation. You end your mission feeling an adrenaline rush like no other and ready to do another mission again and again. Fully immersive, you are in a whole new and terrifying/amazing world at ACO, and it is unlike anything else in Las Vegas.

Ali T, Preferred Events