Neptune is a former Navy SEAL and all around Great Guy. Don’t let his rugged good looks and hair gel fool you. He has over six years experience in Iraq and Afghanistan delivering America’s enemies to the land of 72 virgins. Wanting to be the most elite in the military he joined the Navy in 1998 and after making it through Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL school he went to SEAL Team V to fight the War on Terror. At SEAL Team V he excelled in explosives, breaching, shooting, close quarter combat, and killing terrorists. As a SEAL, Neptune operated in Fallujah and Ramadi, Iraq, kicking in doors and taking down blacklist terrorists, in over 60 different Kill/Capture missions. After leaving the SEAL teams he went on to contract for the controversial Blackwater, working for different U.S. Government agencies. He has survived car bombs, snipers, and IEDs. He has protected some of the highest U.S. government officials in the world’s most dangerous places and has never lost anyone he has sworn to protect. Neptune has a Spiderman like sixth sense passed down from his Apache Indian heritage of medicine men. It always seems to tell him when death is right around the corner. Whether death is dealing from the Sea, Air, or Land this SEAL has what it takes no questions asked! So SEAL the deal and jump on board the Neptune Express. The train is about to leave the station…
Growing up in the mountainous hills and valleys of somewhere USA, Hobbit originally wanted to be a SEAL. But after realizing he swam like a cat, he quickly deferred to something more elite – an Airborne Ranger. He joined the Army in the early ‘90’s and after undergoing all the necessary training and schools to pass the Ranger Indoctrination Program, he spent the first several years of his career in 1st Ranger Battalion. After progressing through and enduring many schools, promotions, training deployments, and Army prepared meals, he tried out for and advance into the elite Delta Force in his early 20’s. Once at the unit and after his first couple of combat deployments, he earned the nickname “Hobbit” due to the extensive height that he lacked and his ability to “eat 2/3 of his body weight any given day of the week.” While at the unit, he deployed on numerous combat rotations to Afghanistan and Iraq, was in 11 different countries in one year, participated in the “Tora Bora” campaign (which was later written about in, “Kill Bin Laden,” by Dalton Fury), and he earned a Bronze Star, but never a purple heart because he stayed away from the bigger guys on the team when the shooting started (everyone knows the bigger guys get shot at first). Today he continues to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, for he is one bad mother …….. Dare to ask if he is ready…
At the age of 18, he was able to enlist in the Army and went on to serve in the 82nd Airborne Division as an Airborne Infantryman. There he fast tracked up the ranks attending Ranger School and serving two combat tours overseas. After his second tour down range he was informed he was to become a Platoon Sergeant. As you can guess Gator wasn’t to savvy with the idea.

Still wanting to be the first man into a building or manning a Ma-Deuce on a gun truck, Gator decided that Special Forces was where he needed to be. Pursuing his destiny of being an explosives expert, he attended the Special Forces Qualification Course. Upon graduation from the Q-Course he joined an Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) of Spartan warriors in Afghanistan where they laid waste to the insurgency, leading their Afghan Security Guard (ASG) in search and destroy operations. Gator also conducted numerous night time raids with the 3rd Kandak Commandos that resulted in multiple 24 to 96 hour fire fights in Helmand Province. He even made trips to train the Special Service Group (SSG) and U.S. Government LE Agents in undisclosed locations.

Gator was then selected to be the Committee Chief for his unit’s hand to hand training facility with additional duties of training Cultural Support Team (CST) members and other warriors in preparation to work alongside his fellow Special Forces Brothers.

Wambat joined the army in 1990 as a Hardcore Airborne Infantryman. He proudly served in the 101st and 82nd Airborne. However, he heard a higher calling and following in the footsteps of his two older brothers, he knew that Special Operations was where he was destined to be. After he completed the Special Forces Qualifications Course at Fort Bragg, NC and officially became a Green Beret, he served with 1st and 19th Special Forces Groups in WA. He deployed on many Joint Task Force 6 missions and deployed on different mission profiles to Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and many more. And yes, the rumors about Thailand are true! When our nation came under attack he volunteered to jump into the fight. He deployed to combat zones in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Philippines, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Wambat also served as the Security Forces Advisor at the Embassy in Bangladesh, assisting with their war on terrorism.

Wambat is an expert with firearms and is sniper qualified. Additionally, he is also trained in hand-to-hand combat, close quarters combat, fast rope operations, jumping out of helos flying over the water at 20knts, Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Counterinsurgency, and pretty much anything that promotes getting to or killing terrorists (or zombies). His long military career took him to five of the seven continents and more than 20 countries. Still to this day and forever, the enemy fears Special Operations and the Combat Wambat. This Quiet Professional is more than ready… but are you?

Growing up in Small Town PA, Ragnarr idolized one man. He bought the videos, books, t-shirts, posters, knives, bow and arrows, you name it. He wanted someday to fight for his country and defend his brothers, just like Rambo. After 20 years of military service, with four in our beloved Marine Corps as an Infantryman (yes, it’s capitalized!) and 1st Marine Division Scout Sniper (verified HOG), somehow that wasn’t enough. He wanted to push himself even more, volunteering for the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. Quenching his thirst a few months after 9/11, he deployed as a squad leader in 1st Ranger Battalion in support of OEF and fighting in Operation Anaconda. But, knowing he would soon be promoted to the next rank and no longer be a Gunfighter, he did the one thing that would keep him in the front of the fight and he drove on to earn the coveted Green Beret. After nine combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan; training, mentoring, advising and leading Afghan Commandos & Special Forces, Iraqi ICTF, and Pakistani SSG; and pulling point for 100’s of combat missions, leading from the front, clearing IEDs, breaching and clearing compounds, and even assaulting through a near ambush (but only once)….. Ragnarr realized….. Rambo’s a p#$$y! Ragnarr spent over 20 years preparing. He is His Brother’s Keeper. He is ready, but are you?
Kane was born and raised in New England, splitting his childhood time between the Appalachian Mountains and the frigid North Atlantic. Kane eventually felt he was getting soft spending all his free time snowboarding, sailing, mountain biking, and surfing. A man who never wanted anything he didn’t earn, he joined the army at 18 to make his own way in the world, and on his own terms. Kane entered the military as a private in the infantry and left active duty as major in the Special Forces. After a few years in the infantry hiding under a rucksack, Kane commissioned as an Armor officer where he served as a tank commander because he: “didn’t want to get shot crawling through the mud in a ditch”. Fate, apparently, has a sense of irony, and Kane was inevitably shot while crawling through the mud in a ditch. Since there was – literally – nowhere to go but up, he volunteered for the Special Forces, eventually earning the coveted Green Beret. Kane is a gifted tactician and Ground Force Commander. He has commanded close to 100 full spectrum joint and combined operations that snatched almost 170 terrorists from the battlefield. Well versed in the art of Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Underwater Operations, and Counter-Terrorism, he continued to hone his skills in countries like Yemen and Lebanon as a single assaulter. A recipient of the Bronze Star for Valor and Purple Heart for actions against Al-Qaida in Iraq (which he describes as: “a wicked pissah”), he was also awarded two additional Bronze Stars and numerous other citations and decorations, and continues to serve and stand ready in reserves.

Hawkeye’s past remains a mystery. Only tales of his upbringing are rumored among his fellow special operations brothers.

The first record of Hawkeye emerges in 2008 when he enlisted into the Army Reserve. His dedication, intelligence, and skill left him wanting more. Hawkeye then enlisted into the active Army and attended Airborne School. After surviving a brutal assessment, he is selected to join the ranks of the Army’s Airborne Rangers. The Airborne Rangers are the sledgehammer of special operations. Hawkeye was taught how to breach buildings, blow things up, shoot like a pro, and take the fight to the enemy. He began his time as a grenadier, an anti-tank specialist, and once he completed Ranger School he was immediately put in a Rifle Team Leader role. After completing two tours to Afghanistan during that time, he was selected to become an elite sniper for the Rangers.

He immediately earned a Sniper Team Leader role within months of graduating from the Army’s Sniper School and was deployed multiple times to Afghanistan as a Sniper. Throughout his time in the Sniper section, Hawkeye attended multiple advanced civilian sniper courses, the Special Forces Sniper Course, and the Marine Special Operations Advanced Sniper Course. He was also sent to the Army’s Jungle Warfare Course and learned how to eliminate threats and set traps in a dense unforgiving environment.

When the apocalypse occurred, Hawkeye grabbed his rifle to hunt as many zombies as he could. One night he observed the ACO unit performing a raid on a zombie infested compound. He provided covering fire for them while zombies attempted to swarm the building. Once the slugfest was over, the ACO unit asked Hawkeye to join them and he just couldn’t refuse.