Zombie Apocalypse Experience

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ENLISTED: $159.99  $119.99
COMMANDO: $199.99  $169.99
HERO: $239.99  $199.99

Get ready for this top rated Las Vegas Event, where “YOU” become a part of the experience. Gear up, get trained and then SAVE THE WORLD killing zombies with real special ops.

FREE shuttle pickup available with Commando and Hero packages!


Product Description


Get ready for the #1 Las Vegas Event and Only Show, where “YOU” become a part of the experience. You’ll be enlisted with equipment to hopefully survive the apocalypse, or you have the “OPTION” to become a Special Ops Commando leading the Survivors to VICTORY!

  • Fully Immersive Zombie Apocalypse Experience with Real Special Ops Team Leaders in a State of the Art Indoor Post-apocalyptic City! The most Realistic, Apocalyptic, Combat Simulation in the World!
  • 1.5 Hour Adrenaline Rush with a Full Sensory Experience!
  • Designed for Civilians, No Experience Necessary!
  • For ALL Fitness Levels!
  • Optional Upgrades Available: (Commando Package, Hero Experience, Photo Packages, Additional Zombie Killing Mags!)
  • Shuttle Service INCLUDED with any Commando or Hero Experience Upgrade in Zombie Killing Military Style Vehicles.


  • Site and target practice.
  • Basic breaching techniques.
  • How to seek and find hidden Intel.
  • How to handle mind tricks that make you question reality as you know it.
  • Other, zombie kickassery and tactical concepts.

Our former Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Green Beret and Delta Force Operators will prepare and train you to strategically maneuver through a displaced town that has been overtaken by flesh hungry, diseased zombies. Once you are briefed, equipped with some of the finest tactical gear and divided into teams, our former Special Operations Warriors will prepare you for an epic battle between good and evil.

Now that you know what Adventure Combat Ops is, are you ready to accept the ultimate mission of saving the world from the Apocalypse?


  • Site and target practice
  • Training with REAL SPECIAL OPS
  • Airsoft assault rifle with iron sites
  • Protective goggles
  • 100 round magazine of ammo (addition magazines can be purchased at event)


  • Assault rifle with Surefire light, laser & optics
  • Protective helmet
  • Protective goggles
  • Equipment vest
  • 2-100 round magazines (addition magazines can be purchased at event)
  • Round trip transportation in one of our combat assault vehicles


  • Assault rifle with Surefire light, laser & optics
  • Special Ops helmet
  • Special Ops goggles
  • Special Ops uniform
  • 3-100 round magazines (addition magazines can be purchased at event)
  • Adventure Combat Ops 10% off towards our retail shop
  • Adventure Combat Ops shoulder patch
  • Round trip transportation in one of our combat assault vehicles


  • Excalibur (Rotunda pick-up area) – 1 Hour prior to showtime (i.e. showtime at 1pm be at the pickup location by noon)
  • Bellagio (Main Valet area) – 45 minute prior to showtime
  • Wynn (South Valet area) – 1 Hour prior to showtime
  • Mirage (North Valet area) – 45 minute prior to showtime

**Please be patient as traffic may affect the arrival time. However, do not be late in case the assault vehicles are running as scheduled. If patrons miss their assault vehicle pick-ups, they are responsible for their own transportation (cab, etc.) to the Adventure Combat Ops Apocalypse show, though we will accommodate their return to the hotels after their battle! Please note that the Apocalypse shuttles run a tight timeline as we have many recruits that we must transport into battle!

International Guest/Others –
Ensure you have a good contact number on file so dispatch can contact you in case the shuttle is running late. You may use a hotel phone to contact us.

Note: The free round trip shuttle service is included in the “Commando” upgrade and the “Hero Experience” packages. When selecting one of these two packages, please list the hotel that you need picked up at in the “Notes” field, on the first page of the registration process or forward your confirmation to sales@AdventureCombatOps.com and be sure to list your preferred hotel pick-up location.



“Definitely coming back to do it again! This is an incredible fully immersive Zombie Apocalypse Experience starring YOU. Every aspect of the journey is amazing and all the staff are true professionals. Big thanks to our OTL’s “Wambat” and “Hawkeye” for training us up and leading our group to victory…you guys are awesome. These former Special Ops Warriors showed us how to clear buildings and kick down doors…”
Chris Plough, TripAdvisor Review
“Being a best man its alot of pressure to make a bachelor party memorable. Well this place will certainly do it. It’s a great feeling when the groom screams out, “this is the best day of my life,” in the middle of the adventure. Even though we know it’s not real, you can’t help but get into it, and have your adrenaline pumping. It was also really cool to learn tactical maneuvers from actual special forces vets. Staff was amazing. Nothing but great things… ”
Evan Bastian, Facebook Review
“I seriously can’t remember when I had that much fun. We did the Zombie package as the “operator” and it was a TOTAL blast. Between the realistic course, the zombies and the kickass mission and OTL’s I felt like I was back in the Infantry again clearing rooms and crushing bad guys. If you and your family are in the area, this is a MUST!! Can’t wait to come back next year and bring the Fam. Keep up the good work and open a location in Northern Va!!”
Chris Davis, Google Review

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