“Amazingly fun!”

We had a great time, the staff is incredibly fun and the experience is amazingly well organized and entertaining. If you are in Vegas, you can’t miss this!

Kenji K
“Best Alternative to the Usual Vegas Experience”

Love Vegas but wanted something different this time from the usual shopping, shows and gambling experience.

Found ACO on Pintrest…yes guys it not just a site women use to find DYI crafts and fashion.

From being picked up in a military truck to kicking down doors to the last stand-off with zombies, this was one packed hour and half adrenaline rush! I totally found my inner #Zombie killing warrior goddess. Step aside ladies of #TWD. This experience met and exceeded my expectations.

On a more serious note, after having a few days to reflect and tell everyone about my experience I realize I am humbled and honored to have been trained by these kickass special ops guys. They gave me a glimpse into what they can do and I am amazed! Watching #Gator and #Nomad work together, share their knowledge, and teach us how to clear a room was my favorite part. If that was all ACO did, I’d be first to sign up again. But killing #Zombies was fun too.

To the whole ACO team, thank you!


Went for a corporate event where they picked us up in military trucks. The guys there were amazing, they were real special ops and they trained us how to kick down doors and enter a room. They spent the first bit to prepare for what was about to come and how to survive. I loved shooting bb guns at fast moving zombies (Yes they run like World War Z Zombies), it doesn’t even compare to laser tag. Which also shortly after, my managers realized why me having a gun to shoot was a bad idea.

My Team leader was “Hawkeye” he’s bad at annunciating because the entire time I thought his name was “hot guy” which I did find weird since majority of my coworkers are males. He can be pretty mean yelling at us, but that’s only to keep us alive and only because my group didn’t want to leave his side. (Yes, we were too scared to leave any room that we had cleared).

I also recommend having people in your group who won’t leave you behind. At one point, one of my coworker had no amo and closed the door behind me as he ran out of the trailer, where I was attacked by 3 zombies.

It was so fun that I will be going back again for any future visits to Vegas to let my friends experience the same excitement, hoping that Hawkeye can guide us again to victory.

Thank you again Hawkeye and Adventure Combat!

Mae M
“Great time”

Very exciting and fun

Very friendly staffs

In order to have the most fun out of it, upgrade to commando package and make sure you have to be in he character

Andy W
“Another great time!”

Returned to ACO for my fourth time at “saving the world”. As with my previous visits to ACO, Travis Krause and his staff were installed in their professionalism and customer service. From the time I was picked up in their refurbished military truck and transported to their facility, to the return trip to my hotel after spending a couple of hours killing zombies, the staff made this time both informative and entertaining. Our two Operative Team Leaders (OTL) were Gator and Nomad. Both of these gentlemen are highly trained and experienced Spec Ops operators. There were approximately 20 individuals, both male and female, early 20’s to senior citizen, in our group so we broke up into two teams. My OTL was Nomad. After being issued our weapon and all our equipment, Gator and Nomad went over weapon operation and safety procedures. Then they instructed us in Close Quarter Combat (CQC) tactics which we practiced. We then received our alert and proceeded out to save the world from the zombie invasion. The OTL is instrumental in assisting the team get through the adventure safely while ensuring everyone has a great time. During our adventure, Doralynn (ACO’s hard working staff photographer) was busy taking photos of everyone to document the experience. Talk about a rush! This is without a doubt the most fun you will have during your visit to LV. In addition to the available USB key with the photos, they also have ACO t-shirts and other items available for purchase. Definitely a worthwhile attraction you MUST visit while in LV! Can’t wait to return during my next trip to FL.



The experience was exactly as described on their website: An adrenaline rush! “The real deal” war veterans that guided me(47 year old dad) and my two kids(ages 14 and 12) made the experience memorable for life. The staff showed 100℅ passion in teaching and sharing their combat skills and military background; Just that alone got them 5 stars. The rest was all icing on the cake. “Gator” was our squad leader; He was professional(by military standards), and considerate(he gave everyone equal time to experience leading teams into rooms and shooting zombies. Anyone considering this adventure should keep an open mind(embrace the experience) on how the staff behave…they are war veterans, which means they are more wild and fearless than civilized. We paid the economical price which gives you all the experience, but the basic tactical gear to survive. Next time I plan to go with the full price package, which outfits you in the most realistic tactical gear, and the photos taken during the operation look way more legit. The photographer that followed us through the coarse was a master at capturing great shots without taking away the feel of the overall experience. My daughter was terrified the first 5 minutes, but once she realized how much the staff got her back and convinced her she will get thru this in one piece, she got into the mission full speed and was bummed when it was over. We will definitely make Adventure Combat Ops an annual go-to experience when we’re in Las Vegas.
SO MUCH FUN. Totally an attraction that you have to do when you come to Vegas! It’s a one of a kind. Not for the faint hearted, it’s awesome to support national heroes that allow us to keep our freedom. Do something entertaining and to support small businesses!! Check it out!! It was awesome!!
Megan Bohr
If you’re reading this, you’re welcome. I killed the zombies and saved the world.
I had a fantastic time here! The staff is awesome and the experience is unparalleled. I highly recommend it to anyone in Vegas.
Brent McFerrin
This is LITERALLY one of the best experiences I’ve had in Vegas! Book them now!
Here’s what I loved – you’re literally taught and lead by former special ops vets (shout out to Neptune and Gator!). Within minutes you’re loaded-up, trained up and then inserted into an infected neighborhood – kicking down doors, clearing rooms and defending against zombie attacks! We started as noobs and soon we became a well-oiled team. By the end were pumped, drenched in sweat and wanting more! It’s like playing Call of Duty: Zombies – but real and 1000 times better!
I cannot say enough great things about the amazing team at ACO – they took care of us in every way and were a blast to hang out with 😀
I’ve had some amazing adventures, from learning to drive rally cars with professional racers to jumping off cliffs in New Zealand, and this experience is one of my favorites! Simply put – do it!
Chris Plough
Great time. Just go and have fun shooting the zombies. Good team bonding. Well set up jr combat training.
Nathaniel Freedman


Incredible place just off the Vegas strip….professional and competent warriors running this facility! Our whole group had a blast and we all want to bring others back with us!
Bill Faudel
One of the coolest things I’ve ever done in vegas great friendly staff spotted the adventure combat ops truck diving down the strip
Ernie Gonzales
Having recently visited Las Vegas from Scotland U.K., I spotted the adventure combat ops truck on the strip. Booked and went a few days later. Two females ( so don’t be scared girls) It’s not just for the boys. I can honestly say this was one of the most fun things I have ever done and believe me I have done a few. We got picked up at hotel by Mike who was awesome guy and told us lots about other fun stuff you can do, then we went in a group for training with hawkeye our leader. Hawk eye was so funny and makes sure everyone has a task throughout so no one can lag behind. Always upgrade ammo and get the photo package as it’s well worth it and adds to the whole experience. You won’t have had this much fun ever before. Scary but amazing at the same time. Well done to everyone involved. Definitely worth every cent.
Tracey Martin
Honestly the best bang for your buck in Vegas. It’s a one of a kind immersion experience. Adrenaline to the max!! It’s a must do on a trip to Vegas. I definitely recommend the VIP package as it adds the most value to the experience. Don’t miss out on a truly once in a lifetime experience!
Michael Baumann
We did this tonight and it was sooooo awesome! I liked how everyone was so down to earth and REAL! All of the staff is very welcoming and helpful. The over all experience is worth every penny! A must do activity while you are in Las Vegas.
Cassandra Rios