Vegas is the city people come to when they want more than a destination–they want an experience they will never forget. The same is true for corporate team building in Las Vegas; companies are looking for something outside the usual, run-of-the-mill, sanitized, so-called adventures that lack excitement, drama, and memorability. At Adventure Combat Ops, we have developed a keen eye for the daring and a taste for thrills. We came up with a list of the ten best corporate team building adventures in Las Vegas.

  • Driving Events. Typically, these involve either the option to drive rare or expensive vehicles, or racing type competitions on regulation-style tracks. Local offerings include Spring Mountain Motor Sports and Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
  • Sky Diving. There is no greater adrenaline rush than the one that comes after you defy all reason and logic and jump out of a perfectly good plane. While this may not suit every company’s ethos, it does create a once-in-a-lifetime memory at locations like Skydive Fyrocity.
  • Gun Range. Looking for another way to break employees out of their mundane lives? Bring in the guns! Shooting ranges, like Strip Gun Club, and even paintball centers offer classes and events for corporate team building.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Climbing and Rappelling. Vegas is full of buildings just waiting to be climbed and descended. For the more safety-conscious, indoor climbing walls may suffice, but businesses like Mountain Skills Rock Climbing Adventures are ready to take even beginners to new heights.
  • Zip Lining. Desert Adventures and Kayak Las Vegas offers a selection of activities to give your employees the rush of speed with Ziplining, Kayaking, ATV Tours, and more.
  • Hiking and Camping. Overnight and destination hikes where your group gets to work together for their survival are increasingly popular, offered by companies like All Star Grand Canyon Tours.
  • Adventures in Eating. There are plenty of ways to stay inside, seated, and still inspire and stir your team. Maybe it’s a food tour with Food Tours of America, or maybe it’s an exciting competition, Iron-Chef style, from Parties that Cook.
  • Escape Rooms. The bubble hasn’t burst yet on these self-contained escapades. Teams can compete to get out in the shortest time, or solve the most puzzles at sites like LockDown Escape Rooms and Xterious Escape.
  • Amazing Race Style Activities. For teams looking to compete outdoors, and throughout the city, Venture Up offers these expansive scavenger hunts geared specifically for crafty and creative adults.
  • Zombie Killing or Combat Training. When all other options pale, and you’re looking for a truly unique experience for your employees, starting from their one-of-a-kind pickup in real combat vehicles, look no further than Adventure Combat Ops.


When it comes to bringing a work team together, nothing cements the group faster than a little sweat, drama, and adrenaline! To hear what other people have said recently about Adventure Combat Ops, check out our feedback and testimonial page. Call now to book your corporate team building event at 844-411-7842.